Giving Gifts - Idea Planner


Giving Gifts is your personal gift assistant. No more forgetting your gift ideas. No more losing those tiny notes.

Gift assistant

Keep an overview of all upcoming events. No more bad suprises.

Save time

Add new gift ideas in no time.

Track purchases

Keep track of the gifts and people you’ve already taken care of.

Personal ideas

Personal gifts matching your friends.

Adressbook integration

For every event choose the people you want to gift from your contacts.

Support us

By subscribing to premium you support the development of Giving Gifts.

Premium Features

App lock

Keep your surprises secret by requiring Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode when activating the app.


Mark contacts as favorites so that they stay on top of your contact list.

Meta information

Add more information to your gifts, e. g. shop, price, URL or any additional notes.